Hong Kong Expat Investments

Maximise your opportunities, and beat inflation, with smart investment planning.

Tax advantages and attractive employment packages mean that many expatriates find, with the right advice, they can accumulate significant wealth.
Infinity specialises in investments for expats in Hong Kong helping them to maximise this fantastic opportunity.

Conventional savings accounts rarely keep pace with inflation, let alone provide significant capital growth. Our expertise and market knowledge enables us to provide advice on a huge range of current opportunities, with lump sum investments from just US$15,000.

We do this by asking questions about our clients’ financial and lifestyle objectives, their attitude to risk, and their timeline. Following a consultation we provide clients with a step-by-step report, designed to help them meet their goals.

And of course, all investment recommendations are reviewed by our compliance department to ensure we deliver only the highest quality solutions.

It’s a fairly straightforward process, if you know what you’re doing.

Capital protection, income generation, asset classes, diversification… there’s a lot to think about when making investment choices. We’ll help you make the right decisions by asking the right questions.

To find out more about Infinity’s wealth management service, please get in touch by email to enquiries@infinitysolutions.com or call +852 2815 5828.


We can help you to meet your goals by making smart investment decisions. Find out how