Estate Planning & Will Writing

Ensure your loved ones are protected with estate planning and a valid will.

One of the only certainties in life is that it will one day come to an end. However, evidence from around the world is that the majority of us have made little or no provision for our own demise.

It is unsurprising that people avoid thinking about death because of its association with grief and loss. Understandable but a mistake as failing to plan and prepare for your own death can result in financial hardship and struggle for those you love most. That is why it is imperative that you write a will to set out what should happen to your money, your property and your possessions when you die. It gives you control and options and it means that you can give your loved ones, both friends and family, opportunities after you die.

Making a will can seem daunting but it is much easier than most people think and a failure to do so means that the state will decide how your estate is passed on, which may not be in accordance with your wishes. Having a will in place will also save your family unnecessary stress at a difficult time.

Your will is an absolutely crucial piece of your financial planning. This is particularly the case for expatriates and others who may have assets in several different countries where the passing of their estate is subject to different legislation.

Infinity’s Will Desk is there to guide you through all aspects of estate planning and to provide you with a will that sets out your final wishes.


Don’t put you family at risk – get a will today