Case Studies

A financial planner can help overloaded expats in Asia manage their finances

Case Study

Major work commitments meant that our client had little time or energy to devote to the management of his finances.

Our client wanted help to manage sizeable cash amounts and an existing portfolio of funds. He also wanted to put away something for retirement and to cover his children‚ and their education costs. The first thing to do was to get to know him a little and try to find out what really mattered to him in terms of financial planning. He’s quite a conservative person, so although he wanted to make his money work for harder for him he is greatly concerned with risks taken when investing. He also wanted to to retain access to his money in case of an emergency.

We recommended two solutions. First, a private banking platform which offered a good value way to hold his share portfolio in an offshore environment. Then a regular savings plan which offered him the opportunity to put his money to more effective use and also meant that he could retain access to his cash and choose for himself exactly how much risk he was prepared to take. Although he’s as busy as ever, he now feels in control of his money even though he never actually has any time to manage things himself.

One of the main attractions of both of these options was the investor protection they offered‚ something he was previously unaware of.

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