Case Studies

Higher risk investments for better returns for expats in Asia

Case Study

We identified an investment product that delivered good returns over a five-to-ten-year period and which reflected our client’s adventurous attitude to risk.

Our client, is a 40-year old expat with wife and children. He already has a range of investments but they are all in his home country, India.

A straightforward fact find identified that he was specifically interested in widening the scope of his portfolio to give it a more global spread. He also had a very adventurous risk profile.  His job as the regional director of a large international corporation allowed to him to allocate $3,000 a month and he was looking for an investment product that delivered good returns over a five- to ten-year period and which reflected his attitude to risk.

Our proposed solution was a 10-year term product from a major international life company. It allowed him to select a mix of funds mostly with an appropriate risk rating of 4-5.  He was also able to take advantage of the product’s 145% allocation for its initial period.

We able to meet our client’s very specific investment requirements.

Investment planning for expats in Hong Kong