Case Studies

Education fee planning solutions regardless of the complications

Case Study

After completing a fact find, we identified an important gap in our client’s investment planning.

Although he had various offshore investments with a number of fund companies and a few advisers in Thailand, they were all targeted at providing an income for him and his family in retirement. His investments hadn’t really taken consideration of his young son who was currently in an international school. He wanted to be able to send his son to university in the UK or US and knew that this wouldn’t come cheap. So the first step was to set up a monthly savings plan with a term suited to his son’s age, with a figure that he was happy with.

For the second step, we had a few complications to deal with: our client was a partner in an Accountancy firm – which meant that he couldn’t invest in funds that the firm audits. (He’d already been ‘bitten’ with this issue before with another company, and had learned his lesson!)  Our solution was to set up a personal portfolio bond, which only held funds that had been given the all-clear from his firm.

He wanted to send his son to university in the UK or US. Then there was a slight complication to deal with.

Regular savings and education fee plans for expats in Hong Kong